When delivering the performance required to meet our customers' requirements, our strategy and achieve our targets Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) plays a vital part. Working with QHSE is not a separate technical discipline but more about our attitude and our behavior when we perform our work daily.

To ensure that safety is and continues to be an integrated part of everyone's job, QHSE initiatives will be introduced at all levels in the organization on an ongoing basis.

We must all be able to act with determination when facing unsafe conditions and think safety into our daily work. We all have the responsibility to act in situations that we feel are unsafe or could potentially lead to accidents.

Shaping the right, responsible mindset starts with the top management as role models and cascades through the managers to all of us at Q-STAR Energy.

Be safe at all times!


Q-STAR Energy holds the following certificates:

Q-STAR Energy A/S - ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001

Q-STAR Energy A/S - VCA

Q-STAR Energy A/S - ISO 9001


Q-STAR Energy A/S - ISO 14001

Q-STAR Energy A/S - OHSAS 45001

Q-STAR Energy A/S - NORSOK S-006